Greetings from the spanish State!

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Greetings from the spanish State!

Počalji  Comorera taj 25/3/2011, 05:27

Greetings, comrades!

Visiting the website SKOJ, I saw this forum, and I've come to know better the Serbia and Yugoslavia, as well as the policy of our "sister organization. " I am a militant of the Communist Youth Collectives (CJC), Marxist-Leninist organization of the Spanish State. I have been, individually, do not represent my organization.

That said, I add that I can not speak Serbian, and do not know much English, so I use the Google translator to communicate with you, because if I do directly to the Serbian certainly be difficult to read for you!

Anyway, from now on any questions you have about the reality of the peoples of Spain, will be resolved as quickly and effectively as I can, and hang it on the news or positions my organization.

Greetings! Poyejali!

I leave a video we made to mark our seventh congress, which was a year ago!!!

The fourth person who comes at the beginning of the video, Jose Diaz, was Secretary General of the CP of Spain for about our Second Republic and the "civil war" (or national-revolutionary, as we call it) a great Marxist-Leninist leader.

The following are the 13 red roses, a thirteen young girls belonging to the JSU (United Socialist Youth, which was the unity among the young communists and socialists, although in practice they were m-l) were killed by fascist troops during the war

And then says, "and many more heroes of the people are our references"

The rest of the video deals with the campaigns, activities, events, we do between those 4 years. Wink

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Re: Greetings from the spanish State!

Počalji  Admin taj 28/12/2012, 23:57

Greetings dear comrade,

CJC and SKOJ are sister organizations.

All the best to you and your comrades!

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